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Reunions Held @ Croome Court

This was a hard one for us Besford Boys and Girls as Besford Court is now a Private housing estate and with no real meeting place we couldn't really meet up but thanks to the National trust @ Croome Court
They have allowed us to have a meeting place at Croome Court for each and every year.
The Besford Court, & Croome Court Staff and Pupils are welcome to come along


Many thanks to Richard for his time in recording this reunion not only at Besford Court but also at Croome Court

On the 8th July 2012

On the 8th July 2012 I (webmaster) drove from Dorset to see the place I spent the last 6 years of my school life,
The last time I was here was 12th July 1996 on leaving day, 14 years later, I return to see the place I once knew and remember seeing every single day, I could walk around this estate blind folded and I knew where I was, but on this day was a completely different place, they where houses in places where there was once open fields trees and green grass buildings in which we helped to build was no longer standing, it was a sad sight but one thing I did learn this day that no matter what happens nothing stays the same as it once use to be, for many years I was there the school never changed expect for the new Swimming pool which was built in 1992 which has also been filled in and demolished, I just wish when I was there many years ago that I had taken photos of the inside of the buildings but as a school kid you don't really think of these things at the time its not until its too late that you think I should have taken photos when I was there.

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